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Flamingo Beauty Academy are the home to Glow White Clinic. We are a Laser Teeth Whitening clinic who provide non-peroxide vegan gel to help you get and maintain a whiter, brighter smile in just an hour.
Some FAQ's:
  1. How white will my teeth go?

It depends on your current shade of teeth. You will be given a chart to measure the shade before and after. With previous clients, we have seen clients teeth go 2-3 shades lighter in one session. 

2. How much is it?

Glow White Teeth Whitening is £60 for 1 hour.

3. How long does it last?

This depends on your aftercare. It is advised that you avoid colourful foods, red wine, Tea or Coffee and smoking after your session to maintain the whiteness. It is recommended to have regular sessions to maintain white teeth.

4. How do I book?

You can book here, and full payment is required on booking. Please select a day and time that suits you.