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Professional Facial


We are known for our ability to help you glow and what better way to glow, other than having natural healthy, vibrant and dewy skin.


If you have any skin concerns and unsure what facial would best suit your skin type or occasion, please contact us for a free consultation and we can recommend a facial that will give you the best results.


The frequency of your facials depends on how well you keep up with your at-home skincare routine, however facials are recommended once every 4-6 weeks.



30 Mins £40

This facial is ideal if you have acne scarring or deep pores that you would like to minimise. It consists of tiny needles that act a breaking mechanism to your skin so your skin can work quicker to repair itself. Not only does this treatment boost collagen, but it also helps to heal acne scarring.

(a course of x4 is recommended for best results)


30 Mins £30

This facial acts a deep exfoliation to your skin and removes dead skin, as well as any facial hair that you have. This treatment is finished with a Vitamin C superglow serum and 24K gold mask.


45 Mins £50

If your skin is feeling congested, the microdermabrasion facial helps to withdraw any pore blockages and eliminate or remove blackheads. This treatment includes a deep clean and finished with a 24K gold mask.

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