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Tips To Do Self-Care Routine When Lockdown Lifts

Self care tips when lockdown lifts

When this lockdown lifts, probably some of us will return to our day-to-day office job instead of working from home. The self-care daily routine should continue to be a part of your day-to-day life. Do things that you loved and you couldn't do. Allowing yourself to do what you like is a self-care routine.

Schedule your self-care time

If this was something you were already doing when you were working from home, you should keep doing it. This will set a time of your day for you to take care of yourself and listen to what your body and mind needs.

Do Some Exercise

Probably you have been doing all your exercise in your home but now is the time to do some outside. Exercising outside will give you a bit of fresh air! You can do some running or walking by the beach or even at a park with your dog.

See A Friend

Since the beginning of the lockdown that we are confined at home without seeing the majority of our friends or co-workers. Schedule a coffee with them, a dinner, or even ask them to join you on your exercise.

These things are not the basic self-care routine we are used to thinking as self-care but, in these hard times, were simply meeting a friend or even going to your favourite restaurant is not as easy as it used to, this will be more self-care than you imagine.