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Tanning Salon MK is excited to announce, ‘Flamingo Tan’, a cruelty-free self-tanning range that smells incredible and leaves no streaks.

Tanning Salon MK believes getting that gorgeous golden glow should not involve awful self-tan smells and as a result ‘Flamingo Tan’ comes in three different scents: Baby Powder, Strawberry, and Coconut. The self-tan range not only smells delicious but is 100% natural DHA, paraben-free, and vegan friendly.

Gemma Samuel, the business owner, said: “From years of orange self-tanning experiences and smelling like a biscuit tin, I decided to solve the issue with my own tanning range.”

Inspired by providing everybody with feel-good vibes and improving their wellbeing, Tanning Salon MK opened its doors in 2018 in a small industrial unit in Milton Keynes. The company is on a mission to provide a full range of tanning experience to men and women ever since. When the salon had to close due to Covid-19, they wanted to continue sharing the tanning and self-care experience with their valued customers, and Tanning Salon MK launched their worldwide Flamingo Tan online shop.

Gemma Samuel added: “Flamingo Tan focuses on self-care and I want to help everybody to feel and look good, and with the help of our products no one has to miss out on that gorgeous glow.”

Flamingo Tan products come in a pump bottle and are available in a medium shade in Baby Powder scent and a dark shade in Strawberry and Coconut scent. For a gradual tanning experience, Flamingo Tan offers a pipette bottle in a liquid formula.

The five-piece self-tan range includes:

· Tanning Mitt - £5

· Tanning Drops 30ml - £10

· Self-Tan Mousse 150ml - £15

· Tan Eraser 150ml - £18

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