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3 Tips To Meditating At Home

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Meditation is a simple practice that is based on the process of

training and focusing your mind. This practice is increasingly popular as more

people are discovering the health benefits during this pandemic, to help with depression and anxiety.

Meditation can help you build skills to manage your stress, to increase your patience, reduce negative thoughts and emotions and focus on the present. You can practice

wherever you want and when you feel the need whether that’s on a walk, at a

park or even at the doctor’s while you are waiting.

Here are 3 tips to meditating at home.

1. Start Small

Don’t rush on meditating for long hours or even trying to be perfect at it. It’s

important to start small because it can be something hard to adjust. Start by

doing five minutes, this can sound short but for beginners, sitting for a few

minutes feels like forever. Starting small will help you build your way up. The

quality of your meditation is more important than the amount of time you

spend doing it.

2. Create Space

Designate one place in your home where you feel comfortable.

You don’t have to do any investment to start this practice, you can meditate

on your bed, on your couch or even on the floor but create that space for

everytime you need to meditate and choose a posture or a object to signify

that practice.

3. Schedule a Regular Time

Try to meditate at the same day and time at least in the first few weeks ,this will help

you find the perfect routine for you and your body. This is important

because it will make you take the time out of your day/schedule to

focus on this. The best time to meditate is usually in the morning before any responsibilities that can stress you like going to work, getting the kids ready to school, etc.

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