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3 Self Care Activities To Practice Everyday

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Self care is not something you only should do when you feel down or depressed, anxious or low, self care is a practice that everyone should have to maintain a good mental health. Self Care and Self Love is all about putting yourself first and knowing that you are worth it.

In the middle of a pandemic this is more important than ever, falling into a routine of

working at home and staying at home the majority of the time can make you slip into a

mindset where you don’t prioritise yourself and this can possibly drain you physically and


Since we have included self-tanning into our pamper-at-home routines, we have noticed how much better it makes us feel and so we want to share these feel good vibes with you.

Pamper yourself

Pampering yourself at home right now is crucial to keep

your self love. Treat yourself with a long bath to relax,

write on your agenda what you need to do for the whole

week and this will make easier to define the time you

have to work and the time you have to focus on yourself.

Read a book, binge watch your favourite show or make

your favourite meal.


Sleep is one of the factors that have the most impact on how we feel on your day to day. If

you have a bad night of sleep you will probably have a non productive day and you will fell

less proactive and so, sleep is fundamental for you to feel good mentally and physically.

Listen to your body and if you feel tired take a nap, this way you are allowing yourself to rest

and you will probably feel more creative and productive after that.


Staying at home during this times can make be difficult for you to

have desire to workout. If you are not doing it already you

should, this is good for your body and your mind. It doesn’t matter

if you only have 20 minutes or 2 hours to workout.

You can dance, do some yoga or even walk the dog,

every bit counts. This will make you feel stronger and will

increase your energy.

If you are not already taking care of yourself or your mind these

habits will help you achieve that.

You are the most important

thing in your life and you are worthy.

Always remember how strong and beautiful you are.

To continue this journey of self care

and self love and to get more tips, join us at Self Care Club