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Hair Extensions are a fantastic solution to women who experience thinning hair or hair that takes a long time to grow. All Extension methods vary, however upon consultation we will look at your natural hair, and advise you on the best method suitable to your hair and your lifestyle. We will colour match your hair and discuss your desired length of extensions.


We offer the following methods:

- Micro Rings

- Nano Beads

- Tapes

- LA Weave 

How long does it take to install?

The time it takes to install hair extensions depends on how thick your natural hair is and the quantity of extensions you have.

What is the cost of Hair Extensions?

The cost of hair extensions vary depending on the method and quality of hair. We will quote you based on budget, mid-range and luxury hair types. Plus the fitting.


What method of Hair Extensions would be better for me?

If this is your first time getting extensions, we would recommend a LA Weave as this is the lowest cost for hair supply and maintenance.


If you have a lifestyle that involves wearing your hair up a lot, then we would recommend Micro or Nano Beads to disguise the individual bonds. These methods are typically higher cost for hair supply and maintenance.

If you would like hair extensions for a special occasion, then we would recommend Tape Extensions as these are easy to install and remove and last up to 6 weeks. 

When will I need to get them re-fit?

For LA Weave, Micro or Nano extensions, Your maintenance is due every 6-8 weeks.

How long will my appointment take?

Your consultation will take 10 minutes. 

You should allocate 4 hours to your installation or maintenance appointments.

Full Aftercare support will be provided.


By placing a hair extensions order with Flamingo Hair, you are accepting our terms and conditions in full. 

Full payment of hair is taken in advance and at the time of your booking. 

We use industry professional hair suppliers and can’t be held responsible for poor aftercare, and will not offer any form of refund for products or fitting charges.

Any colouring of hair extensions is done entirely at the risk of the individual concerned. Results may not always be as expected, and any hair extensions that have been coloured or had their original colour altered in ANY way will not be accepted for return or refund.

When wearing hair extensions abroad, we cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred to the hair, the customer must take full responsibility for this.

Hair extensions may alter colour when in contact with direct sun, tanning lotion, tanning oils, sun creams, body lotions and any other chemical solutions. It is the customer’s responsibility to wear their hair up and keep it out of the sun and/or chemicals.

Flamingo Hair cannot be held responsible for a customer and or client carrying out poor aftercare. There is evidence to suggest that harsh scrubbing, conditioner coming into contact with the bonds or tips, brushing whilst wet, heavy handedness, excessive heat styling, wearing hair up too tightly, wrong aftercare products and brushes can compromise the overall quality of hair extensions.


The correct aftercare products are to be used with all hair, such as hair extension shampoo, hair extension conditioner, tangle teaser hair brush, Argan oil. Failing to use correct products with the hair can result in the hair being ruined. Flamingo Hair cannot refund or exchange hair that has been in contact with any other aftercare. Flamingo Hair cannot be held responsible for hair extensions falling out, shedding, drying out etc. as this is down to the client’s aftercare.

To file a complaint, this must be done in writing. Please visit the Contact Us page.

If your hair extensions appear to be faulty, you must contact us within 7 days with sufficient picture evidence. 

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