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What is the Flamingo Tan Affiliate Marketing Program?

Being a Flamingo Tan affiliate is both fun and rewarding, we actively seek social media influencers, loyal customers, and passionate people to help promote our brand! Affiliates are assigned a unique discount code that gives 20% off your customers. Flamingo Tan affiliates earn 20% commission on all sales which are paid out on the last working day of every month.

Flamingo Tan Affiliate Program Offers:
  • Your own discount code for your customers ordering

  • 20% commission on all sales

  • 20% discount for your customers

  • No inventory requirements

  • Freedom to explore sales nationally

  • Prizes in recognition in reaching your goals

  • Support from us

When you join, you will receive a gifted 150ml Flamingo Tan scent of your choice and you will be invited to an online meeting with Gemma Samuel, the company director for your marketing and training purposes.


You do have the option to buy our Flamingo Tan Brand Rep Starter Kit for £65, including VAT + delivery, which includes ALL of our scented Tanning products

You can build something special with Flamingo Tan. Become a brand representative today!

Step 1: Fill in your name, Instagram handle and email address in the form below

Step 2: Our Tanning agent will contact you

Step 3: You will receive your gifted Flamingo Tan (and starter kit if you want to choose this option)

Step 4: You create content and share it across your social media tagging @flamingotanofficial with your discount code

Step 5: Your commission is paid into your account on the last working day of every month.

Interested? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.
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