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Pink Sand


In 2018, Tanning Salon MK started in a small industrial unit based in Milton Keynes. The Salon was created to give men and women aged 18+ the feel good vibes and wellbeing benefits that UV Sunbeds give you. We later trained in professional airbrush tanning to provide a full range of tanning and assist customers looking for an instant fix for weddings, parties and events.


In 2019, we invested in to our passion for hair, and carried out a Hair Extensions course with London Hair Academy to learn Micro Rings, Nano Beads, LA Weave and Tape options. We have since grown our team to include Women's hair transformations from Balayage, Ombré and other colouring techniques, which can be found upstairs to the tanning salon. 

In 2020, our salon was closed due to the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic and we decided to continue giving our valued customers the feel good vibes from the comfort of their homes. This is when we launched our UK Home Hire Sunbed Rental service with Elite Single & Double Canopy's, as well as our worldwide Flamingo Tan Self-Tanning online shop. 

Tanning Salon MK gives credit for our success to all of our wonderful customers who have enjoyed tanning with us. Our mission is to share this experience with tanners everywhere. 

The Flamingo Tan Story

Our latest innovation, The 'Flamingo Tan' stemmed from years of orange tan experiences and awful smells, so we decided to solve this issue with our own tanning range. Our Pipette bottle and liquid formula is designed for gradual tanning where you simply add more droplets based on your desired tanning shade. The pump bottle and strawberry scented mousse formula is designed for tanners who prefer dark tones. Both methods of self-tanning are designed to circular rub into skin with a tanning mitt to avoid any unwanted staining on hands.

Thank you for enjoying tanning as much as we do!

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